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Singles Roundup #76 – Electronic Folk, Electro-Pop and More!

The new year has started with a bang and it’s time for another singles roundup. As usual, we have some bangers handpicked just so you can start the year on a high note. Sit back, relax, and let the tunes take over!

1. Jogan/Preet – Lost Stories

Duo Prayag Mehta and Rishab Joshi released their two-track EP – Jogan/Preet featuring singers Devashish Manohar and Rupali Moghe. While ‘Jogan’ narrates the tale of a woman so deeply ensnared in love that she transcends worldly concerns, ‘Preet’ is an Indian classical EDM track capturing the ageless romance as an immersive and deeply personal romantic journey. 

2. Dil Yeh Nadaan Hai – Somanshu, Kamakshi Khanna, Kanishk Seth 

Infused with pop sounds and some elements of folk tunes, ‘Dil Yeh Nadaan Hai’ is essentially a love story. Made by Mumbai-based Somanshu, Kamakshi Khanna, and Kanishk Seth, the track captures the innocent, and childlike emotions of two souls deeply entwined to each other evoking nostalgia for the simplicity of childhood. The song will surely remind you of the childlike joy. 

3. Blown My Cover – INGA 

Bengaluru–based artist INGA’s latest track ‘Blown My Cover’ is a wonderful track on alcoholism. The NEXA Music S2 winner talks about the awareness of a lack of purpose behind alcohol abuse. The lazy bass line, powerful Hindustani classical runs, and operatic vibratos provide an excellent template for the themes of desire and ambition. 

4. She’ll never be me – Sahirah 

Sahirah’s latest track ‘She’ll never be me’ talks about how some women feel when they see their ex with someone else. The London–based artist says how everyone likes to feel irreplaceable and the pain one goes through if they are replaced. The heartbreak anthem stems from the artist’s personal experience. 

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5. Relentless – Sanjana B 

14-year-old Sanjana B’s ‘Relentless’ is a song about the relentless desire for more than what we have. Produced by Pushkar Srivatsal, the track is written, composed, and sung by the Mumbai-based artist. This is a catchy, up-tempo song you would love to hear.

6. Khwaishein – Jeevana 

‘Khwaishein’ by Mumbai–based artist Jeevana is a poetic sonnet that captures love’s enchantment at unexpected crossroads which brings strangers into the chapters of our lives. The artist deftly captures the moments that paint love on unforeseen canvases through this brilliant song. 

7. Talk To Me Nice – Tech Panda X Kenzani, Raxstar, Hari and Sukhmani

Folktronica duo Hari and Sukhmani, Tech Panda X Kenzani, and British Punjabi rapper Raxstar released their power packed single ‘Talk To Me Nice.’ Mixed and mastered by Grammy winning producer Luca Pretolesi, the fusion banger blends different moods together, giving old Indian sounds a modern twist.

8. Issues – Shurastra ft Lexi Scatena

Capturing the intricacies of a toxic relationship riddled with blame and unresolved issues is Shurastra’s ‘Issues.’ The electro-pop track features LA-based singer Lexi Scatena and speaks of the frustration in such a relationship, making it fresh and captivating. 

9. Mehsoos – The Tapi Project

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As an ode to the simple, the mundane, the uncomplicated, and sometimes undecorated things in life, jazz/folk/rock band The Tapi Project released ‘Mehsoos.’ It emphasizes the need to slow down and continue finding meaning, love, and beauty around us despite the chaos. 

10. Under The Sheets – Aamir Rizvi 

Growing up and realizing that change is the only constant is what Kolkata–based artist Aamir Rizvi’s latest single is about. ‘Under The Sheets’ talks about how no matter how much we hate it; we need to adapt for the sake of the ones we want to see happy. 

11. Stay – Sarah and Karan

Pune-based duo Sarah Shipchandler and Karan Barnabas’ upbeat and infectious track ‘Stay’ is a track that talks about the essence of innocent high school romance and the reluctance to part ways when moving on. The lighthearted pop track gets your groove on.

12. On the Timekeeper’s Watch – Darren Fernandes 

‘On the Timekeeper’s Watch’ is Mumbai-based artist Darren Fernandes’s latest track that has Aditya Ahir on the piano, Joaquin Friedman on the bass, Anusha Ramasubramoney on backing vocals, and Emilo Martins on percussion. The dystopian-like track has themes of time, ambition solitude, and the transient nature of life. 

13. Piya Ki Nazariya – The Overseas Project 

Founded by Delhi-based Hasib Reza and Amitabh Sen to merge rock and electronic music, the band The Overseas Project recently released their latest track ‘Piya Ki Nazariya.’ Inspired by a bandish, the indie pop track talks about the feeling of falling in love and losing oneself in the magical sight of that special one.

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14. Jeene Do Mujhe – Aary 

Artist Aary recently released his single ‘Jeene Do Mujhe,’ a powerful song that he wrote when he was quarantined for the third time. When he felt defeated and let things and people around him influence his thoughts and behavior, this track served as a breakthrough that helped him release all his intense emotions and also take some pressure off so he could introspect. 

15. Room 103 – Mr.GNG

Paris-based rock band Mr.GNG explored the depths of heartbreak through ‘Room 103,’ a song that blurs the lines between love and madness. A band that specializes in immersive audio-visual rock experiences, the track features Ishan Dave on vocals/guitars/bass and Abhilash Sreekumar on backing vocals/keyboards/drums. With a blazing guitar solo that mirrors the intensity of the protagonist’s turmoil, this is a track you would love.


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